MFA Program

Students develop their own style and painting method in MFA program. There is no limitation of using medium in this stage. Students have full freedom to express their thoughts through their art practice. In the MFA 2nd part there are so many opportunities for the students through their project base works.

By studying the theoretical subject such as Art of Bangladesh and Contemporary painting of Subcontinent, students could enrich their knowledge in contemporary art practice.

The final goal of MFA program is to prepare the students for their own creative practices and make them conscious about what is happening in contemporary art world that’s why they could contribute in any job field with their creativity.

MFA in Drawing and Painting
Total Marks and Credit:

                        Year                      Marks                         Credit
                MFA 1st Part                       500                             44
                MFA 2nd Part                       500                             44
            Total marks 1000                  Total credit 88